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Float fishing tips for beginners 

Posted on Mar 8, 2016 by in Float fishing |

Float fishing tips

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There are all sorts of activities in which you can indulge yourself outside of your home, but if you’ve chosen fishing as one of them, you’re probably a kind, patient, nature-loving person. When it comes to fishing there are several ways in which you can try and catch a fish, but float fishing should probably be the first one you try.

shot_slipIf you’re someone who never went fishing and you truly wants to experience it, you should try float fishing. Float fishing is a kind of fishing where you would use a rod to catch fish in some 10-meter radius.

You would aim to capture fish that aren’t that big, but you will be catching them constantly, without having to wait for a long period of time. For beginners, this is the best way to start. You can get easily bored if you aren’t an experienced fisherman in case you try catching bigger fish. We would recommend getting to love fishing before attempting something like that.

So what do you need for float fishing?

Well, rod obviously, nylon, a float and a hook and of course, the bait.

For float fishing, the best bait would probably be a maggot or a lobworm, sometimes you can even fish with bread, but a live bait is always better.

The bait goes on the hook, but it has to be firmly secured so that it doesn’t fall off and when a fish tries to eat it, the fish has to eat the hook as well.

If you don’t react quick enough, the fish might eat your bait and swim away. It will sometimes get hooked on its own, but the best course of action would be a fast pull from your end. You will know when to pull when your float sinks.48ef2v59825vfdv

When it comes to float fishing, everything is important. The size of your float, the size of your hook, even the width of your nylon.

If they realize there is danger present, you won’t catch too many of them. You can easily spook the fish. Not only by visual interpretation but also with sounds. Don’t yell or splash the water while you’re fishing. You will scare them off. Fishing is an art, it’s not just putting your float into the water. For beginners, if you don’t already have the fishing gear, make sure you buy some mid priced gear. Don’t go with the cheapest you can find, you won’t enjoy it much. Float fishing requires patience and constant holding of the rod, if you buy something needlessly heavy, your hands will hurt and you will get an impression that fishing isn’t all that great. Even more so, you might not catch anything due to bad equipment which will ultimately ruin your experience.


Different kinds of fish like different kinds of things, some fish are active during a specific time of the day while others aren’t. If you have a lake or a river nearby, educate yourself on what kind of fish lives there and prepare some kind of strategy before you go.

If you don’t manage to catch anything for some time, you can always throw some special food to attract them to the area you’re currently fishing in. Once they start feeding, they won’t be as cautious when it comes to your bait and you’ll start catching a lot more.

Float Fishing for Beginners

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